Project Update #4

EX16 Progress Updates

Nov 18th 2019

Openreach have last week completed the installation of the fibre backhaul to our network at Shillingford, and subject to final testing we have a complete connection back to our London Datacentre. Once we complete a small amount of work at the data centre to add this link to our existing network, this part of the build will be complete and we can start connecting you to the network and going live.

Back in Shillingford, the cabinet now has power and the DC System has been installed with the Network Electronics going in this week.
After a faulty adapter plate with our fibre blowing machine, we should be able to complete blowing & splicing the mainline fibre as far as Leigh Barton in the next 2 weeks & at the same time we will be visiting each property to complete the drop duct installation to the property external wall and blowing the drop fibre. Once this is done, that property can have their Fibre ONT & WiFi Router installed and go live.

Individual Area Updates

Shillingford / Loyton / Claypits Areas
These areas should be live on the network at the beginning of December. We’ll be contacting you this week to complete installations and also with your final order packs for signature.

One note of caution: Do not cancel any existing services until you have a live service, as to transfer (Port) your existing number to a VoIP service, you must still pay for the old service. We’ll be sending more information out about the Porting process in due course.

Timewell & Timewell Hill
These areas should be live during December & we’ll be able to confirm live dates once the work to the south of you has been completed.

Brockhole, Leigh Barton & Shute
We will aim to have you live before Christmas, depending on the weather and progress to the south. Due to the longer Duct lengths here, we may need to hire additional compressors for the Fibre Blowing equipment.

Skilgate Area
We have planned most of the northern route now and have started discussions with key landowners. We have also planned the route into Skilgate Triangle which is being discussed with Highways as some road closures will be needed.We expect to be able to build the Highways sections in February once the statutory Notice periods have been given. The Northern Route will depend on the weather and Surridge Farm lots completing their sales. If we get a dry spell we may be able to complete the duct build here before spring.Once the duct is completed, properties will be able to go live immediately we have passed them.

Upton & Huish Champflower Areas
We’ve submitted project plans to DCMS for 215 properties in these areas and have commenced negotiations with landowners to extend from Skilgate to Upton and towards Huish. This will take a number of weeks to pass approval process and then we can start applying of these vouchers. Please encourage any neighbours to sign up for more information about the scheme online and there is a public meeting in Upton on the 28th November at 7pm. Any local resident is welcome to attend at the Village Hall.

Labour Party Broadband Policy

As many of you will have seen, the Labour party have pledged to nationalise Openreach and provide Full Fibre Broadband to everyone by 2030, and it will be free.

Avoiding the politics and questions whether the state should control internet access, there are many questions in the Labour plans, not least what then happens to a) the 100k people working for other ISP’s and Networks who would lose their jobs and their companies would close, b) what would happen to the Alternative Full Fibre networks across the UK such as this network & c) how this impacts on the structure of the internet backbone within the UK which is not solely owned or controlled by BT Group. 

The answers are not yet clear to these questions, but any changes by government will impact on future network build and full fibre investment by private companies. What we can be certain of is once you are connected to Full Fibre your only worry with the policy would be when the monthly bills become free!