Project Update #3

EX16 Progress Updates

Oct 18th 2019

We’re delighted to let you know we have hit a key milestone with the project – having crossed the border into Somerset having benefited from a few days of dry weather. Many thanks to John & Alison Wescott for their assistance & fantastic patience, especially when things don’t go quite to plan!
We’ve also installed the 2 equipment cabinets at the start of the network – one is our Meet Me cabinet were we join to our backhaul connection and the other is our main equipment location – the only location in the network that requires power.
Openreach have also started installing their fibre tail which links us to the Sky Ethernet network. We are still waiting for a confirmed live date, but will keep you posted.
As we have now reached somerset, we’ll start securing vouchers for those signed up in Skilgate Village itself and those towards Haddon End. If you’ve signed up we’ll be in touch starting this afternoon to process these.
Have a great weekend.