Community Full Fibre Build @ EX16, TA4, TA22 & TA24

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Building you a new Full Fibre Network

Now Live!!

Regular Updates published on our progress

Next Community Meeting

We currently have no planned Community Meetings, but if your area would like to arrange a session please let us know.

We are happy to arrange meetings between you and your near neighbours, just email to setup a date and time.

We’ve also published a list of FAQ which you can find here. We’ll also be calling properties individually and emailing you, to answer any specific questions.

Live Service

 The network is now live which critically means that as we reach individual properties and complete their fibre drop they will be able to go live immediately.

We are currently building a brand new Full Fibre Optic Broadband Network in your area. Initially this broadly includes every property from Shillingfor to Waterrow, and north to Wimbleball Lake and east to Clatworthy. We are currently expanding West around Armour Lane & completing areas in Treborough. Most properties are now eligible for voucher funding again.

Use are Post Code Checker below to see if you are currently in our plans

Currently Live Service

Voucher Applications for Devon & Somerset were paused on the 4th November 2022. For some areas this will be the end of the UK Gigabit Voucher scheme until 2026, but we are now actively building around Treborough, Armour Lane and Brompton Regis and have resumed our build around Waterrow, Raddington & Petton.


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With the current UK Gigabit Voucher scheme we are not be able to apply for new funding areas unless adjacent to our current live network, where there are no other Gigabit Capable networks planned and the area is not part of planned build under Project Gigabit.

We are currently working around the Withiel Florey & Brendon Hills areas, expanding west

We are based in Exeter and have years of experience connecting rural areas to faster broadband, we also live locally and are known to many local residents already. The network is being built underground using our own operatives and specialist trenchless equipment who understand your land and how to lay fibre optic cabling with mininal disruption.

This network is being financed using support from Gigabit Vouchers from the Government, plus our own investment but can only be built with your support and engagement.  You can find more information about the UK Gigabit Vouchers by clicking the logo below. 

To expand the network we require demand from the communities.

Benefits of Full Fibre

The proposed network will included Full Fibre Optic cabling directly to your property, with no Openreach or BT Line required. With Full Fibre we can offer packages such as these below examples.

With Fibre Optic, the speed or signal doesn’t decrease with distance, you get what you pay for 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Once connected you can replace your copper landline with a Voice service over Fibre – often saving you considerable value on your monthly costs.

To find out more please complete the form below and we will contact you and arrange to meet you.

Other Options

What other options are available?

This area in West Somerset and Mid Devon has suffered from numerous failed plans over the last decade, including state aid supported contracts via Connecting Devon and Somerset with Gigaclear (Cancelled) and Airband (stalled), plus regional procurements under Project Gigabit which attracted no bidders in Jan 2024.

Openreach has some limited commercial plans for Full Fibre but not until 2026, meanwhile remaining areas may get picked up under a Cross Regional procurement with Openreach – a 5 year build plan commencing in 2025.

In the interim, many people choose Starlink as an immediate but costly Broadband service.

We offer the following service options, and following feedback we have introduced a Home Office Option.

If a Business Voucher is allocated, either a Home or Business grade connection must be ordered for 12 months.

Home Broadband includes a 4 day Service Response Level

Business Broadband includes a Next Day Service Response, apart from Home Office contracts which are a best effort basis.

Business traffic is prioritised over the network with a lower contention rate, Home connections are a shared service.

We are currently looking at a Voice Only option using Fibre to provide a VoIP service for those not wanting broadband, this will not be supported by the Voucher scheme unless a Basic Broadband connection is taken for 12 months, then switched to Fibre Voice Only.



Using a Rural Gigabit / Project Gigabit Voucher

With a UK Gigabit Voucher, there is no connection charge, build charge or activation charge. Which means we will build the fibre directly to your premises and connect you with a WiFi Router. All you pay is the 12 Monthly service charges for your selected tariff.

Free Connection

Free Activation

Free Build Charge

Without a Gigabit Voucher

If you are not eligible for a voucher or the scheme has ended or funding has expired we can still connect you on a commercial basis. Generally this is based on the following charges:

Connection Charge 

Fitting ONT and Router internally

 £250 ex VAT

Activation Charge 

Applies to both New Connections and Reconnections

 £100 ex VAT

Build Charge 

Bespoke to Property for installation of the final duct and fibre from our nearest chamber to your property. This is generally £15-20 per meter ex VAT. This is only charged on the first connection to cover the one offbuild costs.

Average £600-900 ex VAT Residential Connections

Average £2500-4000 ex VAT Business Connections


The monthly service charges are the same with or without a voucher.

Basic Home      Broadband
  • 40Mbps Download
  • 40Mbps Upload

Unlimited Usage

WiFi Router

12 Month Contract


£40 /Month Inc VAT
Ultra Home      Broadband
  • 300Mbps Download
  • 300Mbps Upload

Unlimited Usage

WiFi Router

12 Month Contract

£75 /Month Inc VAT
Basic Business Broadband
  • 50Mbps Download
  • 50Mbps Upload

Unlimited Usage

Next Working Day Support

WiFi Router

12 Month Contract

£85 /Month Ex VAT
Ultra Business Broadband
  • 300Mbps Download
  • 300Mbps Upload

Unlimited Usage

Next Working Day Support

WiFi Router

12 Month Contract

£160 /Month Ex VAT

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