Ethernet Services


Ethernet Access Direct is a leased line product delivering dedicated bandwidth direct to your property. There is no contention or sharing, just pure internet access at the speed you select.


Ethernet services will require a new Fibre Path back to the nearest Aggregation Node, this distance and complexity will determine the one-off installation charge, for example Aerial or Underground, Road Closures, New Ducts.

To determine the installation cost a surveyor must visit the site and produce a plan. Openreach will provide this survey unless your location is on-net with another carrier who can provide the tail.

Typical Installation Charges are between £1000 & £20,000 excluding VAT

Government Grants are available towards the Installation Costs

Once the surveyor has completed their report and installation charge is confirmed, you have 30 days in which to proceed or cancel the order.

  • Managed network management appliance and app
  • Various SLA’s upto 4 hour fix
  • Unlimited usage
  • Variable Connection Charge and Build Charge
  • 12month Contract as standard (1 month option available)
  • 100M or 1000M Bearers
  • Dedicated Bandwidth Download 10-1000Mbps
  • Dedicated Bandwidth Upload 10-1000Mbps

No Router included. Fibre NTE installed as standard and cannot be replaced with 3rd Party Hardware

Contact us to obtain your personal estimate and availability

Fibre Broadband on Demand


per month ex VAT

£474 per month inc VAT

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