Copper Broadband

Copper Broadband

Copper broadband for lines connected to a FTTC cabinet (green roadside cabinet)

If your copper line length is below 3000m and is able to support FTTC service, ie FTTC is available in your location, this is the product for your business line.

FTTC / VDSL varies dramatically with distance from the cabinet, within 450m you can expect excellent speeds (80Mbps Download, 20Mbps Upload) but as the distances increase the speed will drop rapidly. At ~1000m the download would be below 30Mbps (upload ~8Mbps) , At 2000m the download would be nearer 15Mbps and the upload would be around 1Mbps

 We would recommend you explore our Hybrid Services as a faster more reliable alternative especially our Broadband Boost to increase upload speeds on any FTTC broadband line.

We offer 2 variants of Copper Broadband, depending on the maximum speed the line can support.

  • Managed network management appliance and app
  • 7 hour Openreach Fault Repair
  • Unlimited usage
  • No Connection Charge (New Line Installation excluded)
  • 12month Contract as standard (1 month option available)
  • Speeds vary according to line length and condition
Longer Lines – over 1000m
  • Average Download 29Mbps
  • Average Upload 5.7Mbps
Shorter Lines – below 1000m
  • Average Download 54Mbps
  • Average Upload 16.2Mbps

No Router included. We can supply a Draytek Vigor 130 modem if required*

Available in Markets A & B

Contact us to obtain your personal speed estimate and availability

Copper Broadband 40 /10


per month ex VAT

£81.60 per month inc VAT

Copper Broadband 80 / 20


per month ex VAT

£87.60 per month inc VAT

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